On their tour through the countries of the South Eastern Europe, members of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club from the French region of Alsace, visited Novi Sad and exhibited their classic cars and old timer Jaguars. Members of the club were received at the City Hall by the Deputy Mayor Mr. Borko Ilić, while the reception was also attended by the representatives of the Novi Sad Touristic Organization, as well as of the Novi Sad Branch of the French Institute.
- Today we have a rare opportunity to see a collection of such exquisite old timers in the heart of our city. I wish to extend my gratitude to our guests who made it possible for us, as well as to wish them a most wholehearted welcome. I would thank Mr. Radovan Jokić, whose personal involvement and contacts significantly contributed their arrival here. It is very often the case that personal contacts result in business endeavors, and I truly hope that our guests, who expressed their interest, will improve cooperation between Novi Sad and Strasbourg. – said Mr. Ilić and invited all the citizens of Novi Sad and all automobile aficionados to come to the main city square and visit the exhibition.
Jaguar Enthusiasts Club was founded 30 years ago in Strasbourg, and gathers members from France, Germany, Switzerland, and as far as Tahiti. The Club Secretary Mr. Yves Reinhart explains that journeys during which they visit the cities of Europe are organized every year.
- This year we started from Strasbourg and visited Munich first, then Bratislava, then Novi Sad. Here we will spend three days and then go to Rovinj. We liked your city very much, primarily because of its people who are very hospitable. In the following few days we will meet Novi Sad more thoroughly, we will take a ride on the Danube and spend time with the students attending French language courses. – said Mr. Reinhart.
The exhibition of 24 Jaguars at the main city square is taking place today from 10:00 to 16:00. Some of the exhibited showpieces in this collection date back to the 1950s and 1960s, while the majority of the cars is from the 1980s and 1990s. The oldest exhibited showpiece is model XK from 1952.
In Novi Sad, July 2nd 2015