Milan Đurić, the Mayor of Novi Sad, met in the City Hall with H.E. Jozsef Zoltan Magyar, the Ambassador of Hungary to Serbia.

Mayor Đurić gave him a warm welcome, and the conversation was based on strengthening partnership relations between the City and the Embassy. Ambassador Jozsef Zoltan Magyar expressed his intention to continue the development of these relations through joint projects, and in accordance with the strategic determination of the Republic of Serbia and Hungary, to continue to strengthen the already strong neighborly and friendly relations.

The Mayor and the Ambassador talked on the significance of the Hungarian community in Novi Sad, which has the City's full support to preserve its identity and culture in its native language. During his recent visit to Novi Sad, the Ambassador spoke of his positive impressions of the City's efforts to maintain and strengthen Serbian-Hungarian relations after attending the Union of Vojvodina Hungarians' celebration on the eve of the City Day at the "Újvidéki Színház" theater.

The necessity of modernizing, rebuilding, and building the Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway was also discussed in the City Hall. This project will speed up the transportation of people and commodities and deepen the already strong bilateral connections between the two nations. In addition, they considered connecting at the economic level, so the Mayor emphasized that the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad is approaching as the epicenter of events in the field of agriculture in the region and a meeting place for businessmen from all over the world, where Hungarian companies are also welcome.

They both agreed that one area where collaboration can always be strengthened is culture, and that it is admirable that Novi Sad and Pécs, two European cultural capitals that have been formally linked since 2008, have been cultivating cordial connections.

Novi Sad, 20th March 2024