Member of the City Council in Charge for Economy Mr. Goran Sečujski attended the opening of the International Expert Conference on Sandbox Programming, held between November 22nd and 29th in Novi Sad, organized by the EESTEC Student Association, as well as by the Execom IT Company, which is also hosting the event.
The Association’s goal is to exchange good practice and connect electric engineering students from entire Europe by means of organizing expert seminars and conferences, as well as to introduce students with most state of the art trends and tendencies within the industry.
- It is a great honor to welcome you on behalf of the City of Novi Sad. I am always very pleased when among smart and young people, which always makes me feel the influx of new and creative energy, and which reminds me of the world we would all like to see it become. Sandbox and Hakaton programming competition is an excellent way to see how young people and programmers, designers and others, work together with professors and professionals, who are already very successful in their own companies, and who help you overcome your creative challenges and tasks. I wish you all to keep the energy you all have, smiles on your faces, and positive attitude, and not to let anyone to take those away from you. – said Mr. Sečujski and wished all the participants a pleasant stay in Novi Sad during their entire program.
First three days of the Seminar will be dedicated to the academic part. The topic is the Internet of things during which the Execom experts will elaborate on working as a team on a common project and prepare participants for a 24 hour competition in Hakaton programming.
The Seminar consists of an international exchange in which 15 students will participate from Novi Sad and 15 from other renowned European Universities. Apart from these, there will also be numerous socializing opportunities, which will enable the participants to learn about Novi Sad and make new friends and contacts with future engineers from Novi Sad, as well as from other parts of Europe.

In Novi Sad, November 23rd 2015