Orchestrated outcry and campaign aimed against the City Administration by the Democratic Party – an opposition organization, continues, and that solely political manipulation still brings qualms, restlessness and disinformation into the broader public.

It is important to once more emphasize that the controversial City Ordinance, so much criticized during previous several days, was adopted at the time of the Democratic Party and its coalition. Namely, Conditions of keeping domestic animals on the territory of the City of Novi Sad are regulated by the City Ordinance, adopted by the Democratic Party at the time of their mandate in the City Assembly.
Since the current city administration took over power in Novi Sad in 2012, it responsibly accepted implementation of all the regulations and ordinances. Nevertheless, the City Ordinance in question, regarding the ban on feeding of lost and stray animals on the public surfaces, common premises and courtyards of multifamily residential housing, has never been implemented in such way that a humane individual should be punished, and prevented from acting to the benefit of the stray animal.

Communal police officers and inspectors have always responded to citizens’ appeals and their complaints, and will continue to do so every single time citizens feel threatened. Nevertheless, even at those instances, there has not been, neither will ever be issuing of written fines, but these instances will rather be resolved by issuing verbal warnings. Verbal warnings consist of instructions that no one is allowed to act in such way their behavior causes unpleasantness to others, or potentially danger. Competent City institutions and inspections will, therefore, initiate appropriate administrative proceedings against the perpetrators only in the instances of severe inobservance of the aforementioned City Ordinance, provided neighbors are disturbed and living conditions on public surfaces, common premises and courtyards of multifamily residential housing are severely violated.

It is precisely for these reasons and for this City Ordinance, that the City Administration is seeking to find the solution for planned and controlled feeding of the animals at designated locations, thereby providing not only the obvious advantages for stray animals, but also enabling supervision of their populations and avoidance of their dispersion throughout the city territory. City Administration is open to all proposals, and will never fully and blindly implement the Ordinance in its entirety, adopted by the Democratic Party for the people of Novi Sad, nor will it follow its harsh policy of punishing those who feed stray animals. It is a highly humane act and nobody in Novi Sad will be punished, as has been the case so far, for feeding a stray dog with a piece of bread or a bowl of water. We appeal once again to those who criticize hoping to score political points and who disturb the public, to come forward with their own reasons for proposing this Ordinance at the City Assembly, adopting it, and now feeling competent to criticize and shift their burden of responsibility to others.

In Novi Sad, July 25th 2015