Member of the City Council in charge of economy Mr. Goran Sečujski, MSc, along with the Local Economic Development Office manager prof. Marijana Dukić Mijatović,PhD, and the Head of the Mayor's Office, Mr. Aleksandar Petrović, received today in the City Hall the economic-political delegation from the French Region of Val-d'Oise visiting Serbia.

Mr. Aleksandar Petrović greeted the guests from France and stressed that, in addition to the establishment of political contacts between Novi Sad and the Val-d'Oise Region, the meetings represent good opportunity to exchange economic contacts between Serbian and French companies, directly and through agencies i.e. business associations.

Mr. Goran Sečujski, MSc, said that this is the third visit of the French Development Agency from the Val-d'Oise Region which has the basic function of connecting the French companies with companies around the world.

- During these days, on the occasion of this visit we are representing our City and the companies that operate in it to our French guests. Referring to this, yesterday we had several meetings and in the Free Customs Zone, the Port of Novi Sad, as well as the Stilos Group Company. Today, following the meeting in the City Hall, we are going to visit the Regional Chamber of Commerce, the University of Novi Sad as well as several other Novi Sad-based companies. I hope that this visit will be successful in the frame of cooperation enhancement between domestic and French companies - Mr. Goran Sečujski said.

The French delegation led by the Mayor of Enghien-les-Bains, Mr. Sueur Philippe, comprised the representatives of large French companies as well as the representatives of the Department of Val-d'Oise.

- Our aim is to establish friendly and business relations with the City of Novi Sad and to get acquainted with its economic potentials. We will consider all realistic possibilities for investments and certainly we will continue to deepen the historical friendship that exists between Serbia and France - Mr. Sueur Philippe said.

Local Economic Development Office manager prof. Marijana Dukić-Mijatović, PhD, presented the City of Novi Sad as a favorable business environment which is committed to the implementation of one of its priority goals - development of the economy and a stable environment to attract potential investors.

Novi Sad, 4th May 2016