Fourth Regional Youth Tourism Fair OPENS YOUTH FAIR 2015, is taking place in Novi Sad from July 7th until July 8th and the official opening ceremony is at the Novi Sad City Hall. At the opening, the guests will be addressed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunication Mr. Rasim Ljajić, followed by the state secretary in the Ministry of Sports and Youth Mr. Nenad Borovčanin, Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević, and the manager of the EXIT Team Mr. Dušan Kovačević. Within the ceremony, the ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ fashion show was also held, by the young fashion designer Ms. Nataša Jovičić ‘LutkArt’. The Fourth Regional Fair is held immediately prior to the EXIT Festival, and it is due to that fact that a large number of young people from all around the world is expected to visit its diverse cultural programs held at the Sloboda Square and the Catholic Courtyard.

- It is a great honor to be the Mayor of the city that will in next couple of days represent the epicenter, not only for its own citizens, but for the whole country, region and Europe. Novi Sad will be sending out positive energy to all corners of the world in this highly dynamic month of July, as a candidate for the European Youth Capital, and will host tens of thousands of guests within the days to follow. It is an even greater honor to be from the same town as the people who initiated this whole idea, while the only thing the City has to do is to follow the EXIT Organization, youth associations as well as Touristic Organization of Novi Sad, in the process of conceptualization and branding of Novi Sad. I would like to extend my gratitude to all organizations, to the EU Delegation to Serbia, as well as to the individuals who supported and assisted our City to enter final selection rounds for the 2018 European Youth Capital, and to compete for this prestigious title with 20 other European cities. The Fourth Youth Fair is an introduction to the Exit Festival, but also a unique sublimation of our candidacy. We will not only dwell upon our ideas. – said Mayor Vučević and gave the example of recent realization of the idea to convert the famous Chinese Quarter into YouthPolis, where youth associations and organizations would be given the right to manage these several decade-long neglected and decrepit part of the city, so it can reach its full quality and capacity.

Youth Fair has been organized for the fourth time, by the Novi Sad Touristic Association and EXIT Team, in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad Natural Science Faculty – Geography, Tourism and hospitality Department, EXIT Foundation and Student Culture Center, with the support of the City of Novi Sad.

Minister Ljajić emphasized the significance of tourism for the development of the entire country, and pointed out that it has not only economic importance, but a rather large social influence as well, since it brings together and connects different cultures, nations and contributes new values. Novi Sad distinguished itself as an excellent example of a touristically developed community seeing only increase of visitors within the last couple of years. Such increase, naturally, is greatly contributed by numerous manifestations and events – Youth Fair and EXIT to name a few.

Secretary Borovčanin stated that Youth Fair is a good opportunity how youth initiatives in partnership with the State can start up and become a tradition. He invited all young people of the Western Balkans to visit EXIT, the place unbiased and free from any tensions, where differences are razed, and where a new region is created – a region of tolerance, cooperation and partnership among youth.

EXIT Foundation, supported by 115 various youth and students organizations, Local Board, in cooperation with the City of Novi Sad, decided to submit the application for the European Youth Capital 2018 (OPENS2018) and thanks to the outstanding effort and presentation of our capabilities, Novi Sad entered the final selection round. This is precisely why this year’s event is named OPENS YOUTH FAIR 2015. Mr. Kovačević pointed out that this year the famous festival celebrates its 15th birthday, and that today it is as clear as it was 15 years ago, that Novi Sad is the only town where EXIT could originate, in the city with its 28 ethnic groups, numerous confessions and languages.

- With this fair we celebrate the fact that we are one of the most hospitable cities in Europe, and that it represents one specific way in which we prepare to win the title of the European Youth Capital – said Mr. Kovačević and added that the EXIT will in the future as well, together with the City Administration, do its best to further create new beautiful contents for our city, so it can be even better and more prestigious.
Tonight at the Sloboda Square, the audience will for the first time be able to appreciate under the open skies Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, performed by Serbian National Theater Orchestra, Choir and solo-performers. This event will officially open the OPENS YOUTH FAIR 2015, while tomorrow the audience will be able to see S.А.R.S. on Get EXITed – Youth Fair Adventure Stage.

OPENS YOUTH FAIR 2015 will this year as well have the fair-exhibition segment, where some of the most attractive touristic destinations of the Balkans will be presented, as well as festivals, clubs, extreme sports centers, as well as many other regional attractions. The Fair will also host the panel discussion ‘Youth capitals of Europe as a destination branding model’, which is to take place at the SCC ‘Fabrika’. Together with ‘Art Eco Market’, the organizers have prepared at the Catholic Courtyard, presentations of various destinations and festivals, music performances, art exhibitions, dance troupes, films, as well as of products made during young artists’ and designers’ workshops.

In Novi Sad, July 7th 2015