Today at the Petrovaradinska Fortress Banquet Room, Exit Festival signed the Cooperation Protocol with four regional centers – Novi Sad, Belgrade, Timisoara and Budva. On behalf of the four cities, the Protocol was signed by the Member of the Novi Sad City Council in charge for Budget and Finances Mr. Dejan Mandić, Belgrade City Secretary for Economy Ms. Tijana Maljković, Deputy Head of the Municipality of Budva Mr. Ljubomir Filipović, and Deputy Mayor of the City of Timisoara Mr. Dan Diaconu. On behalf of the Exit Festival, the Protocol was signed by its founder Mr. Dušan Kovačević. The goal of the signatories is to make these regional centers also the centers of creative industries, while the Exit Festival – with all its world experience and prestige – can provide invaluable assistance in realization of the goal.
- Signing of the Protocol is of the utmost significance for the four cities. These are regional centers which expect significant incomes from tourism, while creative tourism and youth tourism in particular, are something we would like to see raised to higher levels. Festival such as Exit is a very important link in development of youth tourism, which is why we have all gathered here to sign the Protocol – so Novi Sad can selflessly share what it has. Exit has been organized in Novi Sad for the 15th time, it has achieved an enormous success, and our city does not want to jealously keep things for itself, but rather share the positive energy and spread it throughout the region. I believe this protocol will establish even broader and tighter cooperation with our sister cities. I hope at the end of this project we will manage to brand out these cities and establish them on the map of Europe as appealing touristic centers, especially with respect to youth tourism. – said Mr. Mandić.
Signing Parties have taken on themselves to, within their competencies, take up certain institutional steps and concrete actions, which will enable projects of mutual interest, especially when one thinks of expansion of regional festival network as a foundation and base for gathering of youth and development of youth tourism. Creative industries represent one of the most important segments of encouraging youth employment, which at the same time represents one the most important goals of the Signing Parties and their local communities. Exit is a renowned music festival that has been taking place in Novi Sad since 2000, it has been closely cooperating with the City, by establishing a mutual long-term ten-year partnership, whereby the City acknowledged the Festival as an event of broader social significance.
In Novi Sad, July 11th 2015