Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević attended the signature of Contract on construction of cogeneration plant in the Heating Plant "West", which PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant”, in the framework of the program “Rehabilitation of the district heating system in Serbia – phase 4”, signed with the company “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka”. The contract was signed by Dobrosav Arsović, general manager of PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant”, and Dragoljub Zbiljć, general manager of “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka”, which was selected as the contractor at the international tender implemented by the Ministry of Mining and Energy, in cooperation with consultants from the German development bank KfW. The project of construction of cogeneration plant with the 9.9 MW installation power in the Heating Plant "West" envisages the construction of cogeneration plant for combined production of electrical and heat energy with which PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant” begins the process of transformation from conventional to modern and sustainable district heating system.
- I am pleased with the fact that PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant” is continuing the modernization of its capacities through investments in new technologies, knowledge and equipment, thus providing higher quality district heating services to the citizens of Novi Sad. This is one complex investment worth 6.24 million EUR, with several partners in one of the most demanding processes. This investment in the field of heating is among the biggest in the recent years, while besides “Energotehnika – Južna Bačka” and German development bank KfW, partner on this job is also US corporation “General Electric”. Such a high-profile partnership guarantees that the investment will be implemented well, in a short period of time, and that we will have better quality heating in the city – said Mayor Vučević and praised the business activities of PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant” which is currently implementing several investment operations and which is working on modernizing the system, making it more economical. The Mayor also pointed out the fact that the company gave its last year’s profit to the City budget, showing that successful business operations are possible by complying with the policies promoted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
PUC “Novi Sad Heating Plant” general manager Dobrosav Arsović said that the investment which is the subject of the Contract will be successfully and quickly completed, and it will bring many benefits, such as the return on investment after only two years, after which an annual profit of over 2.9 million EUR will be realized.

- Cogeneration plant of the Heating Plant "West" can produce a significant amount of electricity that the "Novi Sad Heating Plant" will distribute to the electricity distribution network at discounted price, as the privileged electricity producer, which is of great importance for “Novi Sad Heating Plant”, and for the City, as its founder, because in this way a part of the funds necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the technical system can be provided - Mr. Arsović said.

Execution of works was entrusted to Novi Sad's company "Energotehnika – Južna Bačka" with a foreign partner, "GE Jenbacher." The subject of the Contract is the delivery of gas engines with accompanying equipment, while the cutting-edge technology of the said Austrian company, which is part of the largest energy group in the world, the American corporation "General Electric", is also being offered. General manager of  "Energotehnika- Južna Bačka" Dragoljub Zbiljić said that the signed Contract is very important, first of all, since it demonstrates a high class of the company that won the tender at the international competition, and the cutting-edge technology of the project which is a novelty in our region.
The simultaneous production of thermal energy for hot municipal water preparation will greatly reduce fuel consumption in existing boilers running on gas and it will also increase the available capacity in the production of thermal energy for hot municipal water preparation, while in the future it will increase the production capacity of energy for cooling and air conditioning of business facilities on consumer area of the youngest Heating Plant in the western part of the City.

Novi Sad, 17th July 2015