Member of the City Council in charge for Utility Affairs Mr. Vladimir Stojković visited today hot-water network and connection points reconstruction sites in Balzakova Street odd-side (from Cara Lazara Boulevard until Despota Stefana Boulevard). Investment activities in the amount of 307.054.000 RSD, as earmarked by the 2015 Hot-water Network Construction Program, are carried out by PUC ‘Novi Sad Distant Heating’, while the City participates in realization of the Program with funds earmarked in the 2015 Budget – capital subsidies in the amount of 178.000.000 RSD. The program encompasses reconstruction of the hot-water network and its connection points at various locations throughout the City.

Within this strategically significant project, works are carried out on the supply territory of Heating Plant South, which is the oldest such facility in Novi Sad. Namely, due to the extremely old age of the hot-water network in Liman 3 and 4, construction works are to include build-in of installations as well as of the network equipment, for the realization of which the City earmarked a subsidy in the amount of 63 million RSD. 

- Currently, the phase one is on its way along a 1500 m long route, covering the odd-side of the Balzakova Street (from Cara Lazara Boulevard until Despota Stefana Boulevard), throughout which we plan to replace some 4.5 km of pipes, which are older than 30 years. Intended deadline to finalize these odd-side Balzakova Street hot-water network is 75 days. In case the works keep on with this pace, they will be completed much earlier than this date. I would like to take this opportunity and appeal to the residents to have patience and understanding for occasional disruptions of hot-water supply. As we have seen, the works will probably be finished earlier than initially planned, which is what we hoped for, bearing in mind that in this way our residents will suffer least. Also, I would like to extend my gratitude and praise to construction workers who, in these extreme temperatures, put all their effort. Their employers are also aware of the extreme heat, which is why they organize more groups working in shifts, enable them to take more frequent breaks in the shade, and fully supplying them with enough amounts of cold water. – pointed out Mr. Stojković.

Worn out pipes will be replaced with entirely new ones, whose thermal and insulation properties are significantly better than the current ones. In this way one achieves much more significant energy efficiency, much less thermal losses, but also much more balanced and stable supply to consumers living at the above mentioned locations. The contractor is the consortium headed by ‘Bulevar Company’, planned investment is 116 million RSD, and the contracted value of works is 84.7 million RSD.

In Novi Sad, July 7th 2015