On 22nd and 27th of July, at the Fruška Gora Radar Center, the City of Novi Sad handed over the total of 80 anti-hail rockets to the Emergency Situations Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior.

Through its Annual protection, arrangement and usage program of agricultural land, the City of Novi Sad allocated certain amount of the state agricultural land lease fee for purchasing anti-hail rockets, with the aim to supply them to the anti-hail rocket stations throughout the City territory.

- The purchase of 80 anti-hail rockets proves our dedication and resolve to, as a local self-government, assist in defense against hail. We are aware that requirements are much greater, but I truly hope we will be able to find a solution with relevant State authorities to, apart from the sole purchase, also assist reconstruction of the existing anti-hail stations throughout our City’s territory, as well as to help our anti-hail launching specialists who perform an outstandingly responsible job – said Mr. Goran Sečujski, Member of the City Council in charge for Economy.

Handover of the anti-hail rockets is in accordance with the Conclusion of the Mayor of Novi sad regarding cession of rocket equipment free of charge to the Emergency Situations Sector of the Serbian Ministry of Interior, as well as with the contract between the Ministry and the City.

In Novi Sad, July 29th 2915