Due to the extreme heat, Novi Sad Emergency Staff held a meeting today, at which City’s vital institutions and public companies submitted their reports stating the situation throughout the city is regular and satisfactory. Water tank trucks have been placed at some of the most frequent city locations, and hydrants have been equipped with taps. According to the report by the Republic Hydro-Meteorological Institution, until July 26th (Sunday), air temperature will be between 33˚ C and 35˚ C, and Novi Sad will be in the orange, and not in the red Meteoalarm Scale interval.

- We have reached conclusions regarding preventive and operative measures. Particular activities are being taken regarding potable water quality control, as well as various public fountains, taps and swimming locations. There will also be more intensive control of public and green public areas, as well as more frequent garbage collection. We have also introduced an adequate protection regime for works performed in the open, we will intensify inspection at green markets, as well as all other locations where more severe disturbances of communal order have been registered in the past. All healthcare institutions work at full capacity. Despite the increased consumption of electricity due to air-conditioning equipment, we have been informed of the system’s full stability. – pointed out Mayor Vučević.

Mayor Vučević also appealed to all the residents to follow the instructions of healthcare personnel, how to behave in situations of extreme heat, how to rationally use the resources at their disposal – especially potable water – but also that they should all to pay attention to the taps installed at various locations, for it has been noted in the past these were occasionally damaged. More precise data about the weather for the next week will be known on Friday, July 24th, which is when further decisions and measures will be made in order to provide City’s unobstructed and undisturbed functioning.

In Novi Sad, July 20th 2015