Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević received today at the City Hall the delegation from the twin city of Changchun, headed by a member of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC for the City of Changchun Mr. Gao Guangbin, as well as by the President of the   Board and CPC Undersecretary for the largest state-owned company producing locomotives and railroad wagons ‘China CNR Corporation Limited’ Mr. Wang Run.
Mayor Vučеvić wished the guests a warm welcome and pointed out that City of Novi Sad and City of Changchun, just as the Republic of Serbia and the People’s Republic of China, are connected with sincere and true friendship and brotherhood. He took this opportunity to invite representatives of the Chinese business and entrepreneurs to take part in the 83rd International Agricultural Fair.
At the meeting following the reception, a discussion was held on economic cooperation of the two cities, participation of Changchun companies at investment projects in Novi Sad, as well on improvement of friendly relations and cooperation in agriculture, tourism and sport. Representatives from Changchun expressed their interest for cooperation in the area of railway traffic and informed the Mayor that the Changchun-Manchuria-Europe cargo train was put into operation, and that Novi Sad can be one of its stops.
Cooperation between the two cities commenced following the establishing of relations between the two provinces in 1981. It primarily consisted of agricultural cooperation, following which it expanded to sport, education, culture and economy. 
In mid-2015, City of Changchun introduced within its regular city bus lines a single vehicle bearing the name of Novi Sad, in which the passengers have the opportunity to learn more about our city by means of photographs exhibited within the bus. The visit of the Changchun delegation was also the opportunity for the residents of Novi Sad to be presented, at the main city square, with the PCTC ‘Novi Sad’ bus fully branded with various landmarks and sites of Changchun, followed by a short ride around the city.
In Novi Sad, July 11th 2015