Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Mr. Miloš Vučević received today at the City Hall the Chief of the Novi Sad Border Police Mr. Nebojša Janjić, who saved a girl who tried to drown herslef in the Danube by jumping from the Varadin Bridge. Chief of the Regional Center of the Border Police Administration of the MOI, Mr. Mile Jandrić, was also present at the reception.

- On behalf of the City of Novi Sad I would like to thank for the efficiently conducted rescue operation, which resulted in saving a human life. You have showed outstanding capability, poise, as well as courage by jumping to rescue, and you managed to realize this most noble of all things with team work and within only a few brief moments by an organized action. We are proud of our police officers and of all what they do so we, the citizens, would feel safe and secure. – said Mayor Vučević emphasizing that according to the City Ordinance currently in force, Chief of the Novi Sad Border Police Mr. Nebojša Janjić has received the prize with which the City of Novi Sad since 2013 awards members of the police force for their outstanding results. The Mayor also added that the City will continue to assist all those who conscientiously and dedicatedly take care of the citizens’ safety.

On July 10th, Chief of the Novi Sad Border Police Mr. Nebojša Janjić reacted promptly and saved a 24-year-old girl, who jumped from the Varadin Bridge. In his career so far, Mr. Janjić has performed several similar rescue operations, all of which have been successful.

In Novi Sad, July 13th 2015