Milan Đurić, the Mayor of Novi Sad, welcomed H.E. José Rui Velez Caroço, the Portuguese Ambassador to Serbia, in the City Hall. The Mayor welcomed the Ambassador to Novi Sad and stressed the value of international collaboration for the City, emphasizing the need to fortify the links between Novi Sad local self-government and the cities of Portugal.

Thanking the Mayor for his hospitality, Ambassador Caroco stated his belief that positive relationship between the Portuguese Embassy in Serbia and the City of Novi Sad would continue and that efforts to strengthen ties between the two nations at all levels would be actively pursued.

The interlocutors agreed that enhancing economic and commercial cooperation, along with cultural and tourism exchanges, can guarantee future growth in knowledge, contacts and opportunities for the people of the two nations. These people's historically cordial relations serve as a solid foundation for enhancing cooperation in areas of shared interest.

Novi Sad, 11th April 2024