The Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić and H.E. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco Mohamed Amin Belhaj met in the City Hall in Novi Sad and on that occasion they discussed the past and future cooperation based on the traditionally good relations between Serbia and Morocco.

The interlocutors agreed that there is a good basis for expanding cooperation at the local level as well, emphasizing the areas of agriculture, culture and tourism as the most reliable for future potential fields of cooperation.

Additionally, the Mayor stressed that Morocco's participation in the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad would greatly contribute to this as a way to forge new ties for mutual benefit, especially among businessmen, and the Ambassador sent a return invitation to the Agricultural Fair held in Morocco in April.

In the course of their discussion about cultural exchange, the interlocutors also touched on the subject of pursuing the formalization of amicable relations between the cities of Novi Sad and Meknes. The Ambassador mentioned the intention to hold the Film Week of Morocco in Novi Sad this year, which would provide the residents of Novi Sad with an opportunity to become more familiar with Moroccan cinema.

Novi Sad, 22nd March 2024