Almaška Church

Of all Orthodox churches in Novi Sad, Almaška is the biggest one. It was built from 1797 till 1808 with predominant early Classicism features. The patron saint of the church is The Three Holy Hierarchs (February 12th), which also used to be the patron saint of Serbs in Novi Sad. The woodcarvings of the interior were crafted by Aksentije Marković, and iconostasis and the frescoes by Arsenije Teodorović. The frescoes in the altar were painted by the Ukranian Andrej Šaltist. The church was severely damaged on June 12th 1849 during the Uprise in Novi Sad. In the summer of 1852, the church was visited by Franz Joseph I. The Emperor was then led into the altar by the bishop of Bačka Platon Atanacković in order to pay homage to the Gospel kept inside the sanctuary. The parish seat just across the courtyard was built and designed by Danilo Kaćanski. One of the most prominent administers in Almaška Church was the last Greek Orthodox Pavle Nikolić Balta.