This year's February Award, the City's greatest accolade, was given to Borislava Perić Ranković, the world's best disabled table tennis player, by Novi Sad Mayor Milan Đurić during the Academy Ceremony in the Serbian National Theatre. The February Award is given in honor of February 1, the day Novi Sad was proclaimed a free royal city in 1748, and as a social recognition of the most significant acts and accomplishments of the City's residents that uphold the libertarian tradition of the community and the unity of all of its citizens.

- Throughout the extensive documented history of this region, no notable community existed at the location prior to the creation of the town of Racka, the later Petrovaradin šanac (moat), on the left side of the Danube, across from the Petrovaradin Fortress. Two centuries ago, the people who lived there purchased the status of a free city from Maria Theresa. The old Petrovaradin šanac was renamed Neoplanta in Latin, Újvidék in Hungarian, Neusatz in German, and Novi Sad in Serbian, respectively. Hence the city was founded among the ponds, moors, and marshes on the opposite side of the Varadin rock. The city that had no chance of succeeding, planted in a place where cities do not sprout, managed to grow into larger and older cities, only to catch up, overtake and leave them far behind in the time that followed. And for that, Novi Sad's citizens of all nationalities and faiths are to be commended for their tireless efforts. We still adhere to the beliefs of our forefathers. For this reason, I urge us to keep cooperating to build Novi Sad; let us be unified by the prosperity and growth of our city, by its triumphs, bridges, new hospitals, factories, kindergartens, schools.  Unified by the growth and always faithful to the winning city, the hero city, the city of the future, and our one and only Novi Sad - said Mayor Milan Đurić, congratulating the citizens of Novi Sad on City Day and the winners of the February Award on the prestigious recognition.

- It is enough to say - Borislava Perić Ranković! Heroine of Novi Sad and our Serbia. A lady and champion of incredible energy. A huge thank you for all the fantastic successes, for the love for Novi Sad, for giving motivation to other people to be stronger, better and happier. I congratulate her on behalf of all the people of Novi Sad and wish her much success in her future work and life - said Mayor Milan Đurić.

The 2023 February Award recipient, Borislava Perić Ranković, expressed her gratitude for the esteemed accolade and expressed her honor to be adding a new chapter to the chronicles of Novi Sad and the disability sports community.

- The City of Novi Sad, but also all of you who live in it, recognized that what I did, but also what I do, is worthy of such recognition. You are all part of this award, each in your own way, because whenever I asked myself the question of what and how to proceed, you found a way to show me that it is not time to give up yet. There are too many feelings in my heart to put into words, so please excuse me when I say that I am overwhelmed with appreciation for everyone who has helped me and my colleagues succeed. I wish a happy 276th birthday to the City!  - said Borislava Perić Ranković, addressing the audience at the Academy Ceremony.

Novi Sad, 1st February 2024