Fair exhibitions – 21st International Book Fair and 20th International Art Expo – opened today, and will last until April 25th at the Novi Sad Fair. The two events were officially opened by the Matica Srpska President Professor Dragan Stanić, PhD. The ceremony was also attended by the Member of the Novi Sad City Council in charge for Culture Mr. Vanja Vučenović, who pointed out that the City of Novi Sad recognizes the importance of such traditional cultural events.

- City of Novi Sad has serious intentions regarding culture, and there should be no doubt that we support such cultural manifestations, with the intention to further strengthen them. The Book Fair is an important segment of our City’s culture policy and I hereby invite all our citizens to visit this book hub. – stated Mr. Vučenović.

The Book Fair gathers writers, publishers, educators and representatives of the media. It promotes new editions in belletristic, popular, professional and scientific literature, of textbooks, foreign language course books, and children’s literature. The Fair will be visited by Marko Vidojković, Zoran Živković, Enes Halilović, Vladislava Vojnović, Sonja Atanasijević, Russian writer Jelena Zelinska, as well as other renowned writers. Among most important segments of the Fair is the Laza Kostić Days manifestation, during which this years’ prize will be awarded.

The ART EXPO exhibition gathers artists and gallerists, collectors, philatelists, as well as the antiquarians. This manifestation organizes thematic exhibitions every year, symposiums, promotions of cultural institutions – museums, cultural establishments, theaters, sales exhibitions, as well as performances of numerous visual artists.

Following the gala opening and tour of the exhibitors’ stands, Mr. Vučenović attended the event hosted by the writer Dragan Jovanović Danilov, the last year’s winner of the Laza Kostić Award, following which he and the Novi Sad Fair General Manager Mr. Slobodan Cvetković, MSc, handed the Award to this year’s laureates – Vesna Kapor, PH “Prometej”, PE Službeni glasnik, Belgrade Textbook Institute, as well as Serbian National Council of Montenegro.

In Novi Sad, April 18th 2015