"Renewable Energy in Cities" ("REC")

Under the IPA Cross-Border Program Croatia-Serbia, funds have been approved for the project "Renewable Energy in Cities" ("REC"). The developer of the project is the City of Osijek, and partners are UNDP Croatia and the City of Novi Sad with the Energy Agency of the City of Novi Sad and the “Mihajlo Pupin” School of Electrical Engineering. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the need to develop and use renewable energy sources by working together, sharing knowledge and experience, creating a demo classroom at the “Mihajlo Pupin” Electrical School, organizing workshops in 12 cities of Vojvodina and developing promotional materials.

The total value of the project is EUR 447,264, of which the value of the project related to the City of Novi Sad is EUR 188,061.04. The realization of the Novi Sad project also provided a complete energy audit of five public buildings as a basis for making decisions on their reconstruction, and the implementation of the Energy Management Information System (EMIS) ensured systematic monitoring and management of energy in public buildings.

The total value of the project is EUR 447,264. The value of the part of the project related to Novi Sad is EUR 188,061. From this amount, the EU financed 84% and the remaining funds were provided by the City of Novi Sad.