Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia Sam Fabrizi visited the access roads to Žeželj Bridge, and on that occasion they were opened for passing vehicles.

- With the completion of this project, we are facilitating further investments in Novi Sad, especially in the outskirts of Petrovaradin Fortress, and we should slowly get used to the fact that this part of the city will be a pedestrian zone. When the state completes a very important project for us regarding the Belgrade-Novi Sad express railway, we will have all the works on this infrastructure completed. The people of Novi Sad have come to like the new Žeželj Bridge. The old bridge did not have such well-designed and constructed roads and we got a much better entry-exit direction from the Srem side. The project’s cost is EUR 4.5 million and was funded by our partners from the European Union. The bicycle road will be connected to the quay, and this whole stretch will be completely landscaped, when the contractors of '' Azvi '' leave the site, and we are also preparing the landscaping of the whole quay from the Srem side. We are already talking a lot about new bridges, as we hope to get one within the construction of the Ruma-Novi Sad highway, and we, as the City, are preparing projects for new bridges for new generations - Mayor Vučević said.

According to Minister Mihajlović, three kilometers of access roads, three kilometers of sewage pipes and two kilometers of bicycle roads were built, and lighting was installed.

- It is important that the construction of the Žezelj Bridge, which is a symbol of Novi Sad, is fully completed. This year is very important in the area of infrastructure, because we have completed many jobs and many more are starting, especially in the territory of Vojvodina. We are talking about the continuation of work on the reconstruction of the Novi Sad-Subotica express railway next year, and in the fall of 2021 we will have a fast train from Belgrade to Novi Sad that will be able to run 200 km per hour. Negotiations on the construction of the Fruška Gora Corridor are in the final stages as we continue to cooperate well with the City of Novi Sad and the Province in order to jointly invest in infrastructure - Zorana Mihajlović emphasized.

Sam Fabrizi said that the construction of the Žeželj Bridge is an important project for both the City of Novi Sad and the whole country.

- The EU has been very dedicated to this project and has committed a total of EUR 36 million in grants. With the help of local and republic authorities, a large and complex work has been fully realized, and whoever crosses this bridge can see the new face of modern Serbia – Fabrizi said.

He added that the EU is a partner in many infrastructure projects across Serbia and that it will continue its activities in this direction.

Novi Sad, December 9th, 2019