The construction of the Public Garage at the corner of Šafarikova Street and Uspenska Street in the very centre of the City will enable the articulation of values and potentials of the old city core and provide satisfactory framework for the better functioning of the existing and suitable purpose and functioning of the planned.

The area of the lot is around 2100 m2 and the area of the garage is around 9500 m2 and it is planned for 250 parking spaces. The facade design of the garage has to be adhered to the position of the facility in the zone of the old city core. The new facility will have the level structure GF + 3 (4). The number of floors is determined according to the existing building at the address 2, Pavla Papa Street (part of the lot 10144), which is defined as GF + 3 (4/5), so that the fourth and fifth floors are indented in relation to the previous one. There is a possibility for setting up a connecting corridor between the public garage in Šafarikova Street and the underground passage.