In the western part of the area of Jugovićevo locality, on the course north of Vojvode Stepe Boulevard, construction of an athletics hall, stadium, auxiliary grounds, warm-up areas, children's trails and playgrounds, parking, bicycle and pedestrian communications as well as courts for other sports such as tennis, indoor soccer and more have been planned. The floors of the athletics hall facilities are Gf (HighGf) -Gf+2. The realization of this project will provide a modern space for athletic competitions and training.

In 2019, drafting of the Technical Documents for the construction of the Athletics Hall and Stadium as well as for the Technical Documents needed for the infrastructure of this site (traffic areas and supporting infrastructure) was started. The completion of the technical documentation is planned for 2020, after which a public procurement process is planned for the first phase of stadium construction, which would include the construction of open training grounds and access road.