The most important undertaking in 2016 is complete construction of infrastructure at the area of 140,000 m² of the Work Zone “North IV” stretching from the back of the Refinery “Novi Sad” to the Highway Belgrade – Subotica.

In the First Stage, infrastructure is constructed at two building lots of 8 ha and 6 ha, respectively within the construction of the Production Hall of 30,000 m² at the lot of eight hectares.

The Second Stage of the development of the Work Zone “North IV” covers almost 40 ha. According to Urban Plans, it is anticipated for the whole area to be developed as one complex but it is possible to organise several smaller complexes for the construction of production plants. Currently, the urban plan is being finalized, which will define the conditions for land development and construction on this site.

Communal land development for the part of the Work Zone “North IV” in order to establish sites for the construction of production capacities is very important for the City of Novi Sad primarily for the purpose of increasing the City’s investment potentials mainly in the field of production and manufacturing that are drivers of overall economic development of the City. With its activities aimed at communal land development, Novi Sad is striving to attract as many as possible foreign and domestic investors interested in investing in our city. Permanent cooperation with investors who invest in the construction of new production facilities promotes opening of new jobs and thus overall economic development.