A new concept of public administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services – WeLive

City of Novi Sad one of the partners in the WeLive project - "A new concept of public administration based on citizen co-created mobile urban services" approved under the program Horizon2020 of the European Union. WeLive aims to bridge the gap between innovation and adoption of open government services and to catalyse public services by empowering citizens and businesses to directly participate in the design, creation, selection and delivery of some of the public services in the form of mobile apps.


WeLive aims to develop an innovative and open technological framework to involve citizens, public administrations and local businesses and companies into the innovation process. Specifically, the WeLive enables:

  • Citizens, companies and public administration to express their needs and elaborate new ideas for services and apps and to choose the most promising ones;
  • Companies to develop basic building blocks that emerge from the needs expressed by the selected ideas;
  • Public Administration and Citizens (final users) to release open data that emerge from the needs expressed by the selected ideas;

The end objective is to network citizens and public administration in financing companies that need to transform popular ideas into applications, using building blocks (open service and open data) available in the market. Depending on the level of development of the required market, the degree of realization of the end goal is also conditioned.


The implementation of the project is aimed at improving the service of local administration through the development of information technologies and mobile services that enable citizens and businesses to address requests with the public sector in a more efficient way. One of the greatest values of the WeLive project is the opening of the topic of open data at the local level, which opens many opportunities for creating new values, such as the development of mobile applications, which was the basic idea for organizing the first hackathon of the City of Novi Sad. The mobile applications were created on the basis of previously proposed ideas of citizens, for which the City organized the competition, and the winning ideas were: '' Street Art Novi Sad '', '' City of Novi Sad throws EUR 100,000 monthly in plastic '' and '' Public fountains and wells where drinking water is safe ''.

The said project is a continuation of the SocIoTal, CLIPS and E-government projects. In addition to the City of Novi Sad, PUC "Informatika" and the company "DunavNET" as partners from Serbia, partners in the project are local sef-governments and institutions from Spain, Italy and Finland. The total value of the donation for the City of Novi Sad is 76,938.00 EUR and 76,688.00 EUR for PUC "Informatika", and the duration of the project is 36 months.